Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Withdraw money? Change limit? Refinance your loan?

PersonalLoan is always there for you! And you can also arrange this yourself via My PersonalLoan, your personal online account.

My PersonalLoan

Withdraw money

Do you want to use your financial reserve? You can have money transferred from your Revolving Credit to your own bank account within your existing credit limit. You then repay the amount withdrawn in installments. So keep in mind that with a cash withdrawal, the term of the Continuous Credit becomes longer.

Yes, I want to withdraw money from my Revolving Credit

Increase or decrease your credit limit

Do you want to do an application for a decrease or increase of your credit limit. That is how it works?

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Transferring means saving money

Are you in the red at the bank? Do you have a loan from several parties? Or do you buy online on Credit? You can save hundreds of euros by bundling your current loans and switching to one affordable loan from PersonalLoan. It is also easily arranged.

Yes, I want to save by bundling

Extra security with the Legal Helpdesk

Suppose you have an argument with your neighbors. Or a disagreement with your employer. You would rather not experience it. But if you do experience it, you want to be assured of good legal assistance. The Legal Helpdesk via PersonalLoan offers this help.

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My PersonalLoan

You always have insight into your loan with PersonalLoan. In a secure internet environment you can view your transactions, make changes to your personal data or download your account statements.

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