Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Who is PersonalLoan?

If you borrow money, you probably do so by taking out a Personal Loan or a Revolving Credit . Do you know the difference between both products?

We are happy to explain it to you

PersonalLoan is your trusted address for borrowing money

Service-oriented and clear

Customers know where they stand at PersonalLoan. You can take out a Continuous Credit or a Personal loan with us without any fuss. We are an online specialist in the field of borrowing money. It is important that your loan suits your situation. Both during closing, but also in the future. If your situation changes, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to see whether you are still borrowing responsibly. We also help our customers save money with our free transfer service.

Since 1996

PersonalLoan is not a new name; customers have been choosing us since 1996. We keep up with the times, so that many of our customers remain customers. That is why we work according to the code of conduct, guidelines and standards of the Association of Financing Companies in the Netherlands (VFN) . We think it is important that our customers take out a loan that suits their personal situation.

PersonalLoan is a trade name of wander Consumer Finance BV

Borrow responsibly

A loan is a financial obligation. You enter into this financial obligation over a longer term, whereby you must pay the monthly amount. It is therefore important that you think carefully about taking out a loan. The loan must fit in your current and future situation, so that you borrow responsibly and continue to borrow responsibly.

Compare the characteristics of the Personal loan and the Revolving Credit. Make sure to choose the loan that fits your spending goal.

Have you taken out a loan? Check regularly whether you are still borrowing responsibly. This can change when your personal situation changes. If your personal situation changes, please contact PersonalLoan.

How does borrowing work at PersonalLoan?

You take out your loan directly with PersonalLoan, without the intervention of an advisor. PersonalLoan only supplies the financial product and does not provide advice. This is called execution-only.

PersonalLoan. En contains extensive information that allows you to assess whether the chosen loan meets your needs and suits your financial situation. With the contract you will also receive information about the properties and conditions of the Revolving Credit or the Personal loan.

Borrow responsibly

Borrow wisely according to the AFM

A loan is a financial obligation. It is important that people think about this carefully.

Do you have questions?

Our customer service is available 5 days a week. Contact PersonalLoan by phone, email or post. Our employees are happy to help you.

You can also always take a look at Question and answer.

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