Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money

Personal loan, pay a fixed amount every month

Do you need money for a big purchase? And do you already know exactly how much you need? Then think of a Personal loan. This way you know exactly where you stand in advance.

How does a Personal loan work?

A Personal loan gives you security, because the loan amount, interest, repayment and term are fixed in advance. So you know exactly how long you have to repay and what you have to repay each month. A Personal loan is often taken out for the purchase of goods with a limited life. The term of the loan can then be adjusted to the life of the purchase. read   here all the characteristics of a Personal loan.

Borrow consciously and do not be tempted to pay a higher amount. Only borrow what you need. Borrowing money should be a choice that you support, now and in the future.

Free quote request

Do you want a Personal loan request and know what your options are? Then contact us by phone. PersonalLoan attaches great importance to personal contact, so that we can help you as well as possible.

Our employees can be reached by telephone number   469-853-4255 ( Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.).

Characteristics Personal loan

  • Fixed interest throughout the term
  • The term is fixed, so you know exactly when the loan was repaid
  • Each month a fixed amount consisting of part interest and part repayment
  • Always pay earlier without penalty

Borrow money from PersonalLoan?

You can request a no-obligation quote for a Personal Loan or Continuous Credit from PersonalLoan through our employees. Please contact one of our employees for this   469-853-4255 .

  • A high customer rating
  • A no-obligation quote by e-mail
  • Clear conditions
  • Always pay off penalty-free

Interest rates Personal loan

The Personal Loan has a fixed interest rate. Loan amounts are possible from $ 7,500 to $ 50,000.






debit interest








price vh


$ 10,000.00 $ 158.65 8.9% 8, 9% 84 $ 13,326.46
$ 15,000.- $ 237.97 8, 9% 8, 9% 84 $ 19,989.69
$ 25,000 $ 396.62 8, 9% 8, 9% 84 $ 33,316.15
$ 50,000 $ 793.24 8, 9% 8, 9% 84 $ 66,632.30

Transferring means saving money

You can save by bundling your current loans and switching to one affordable loan from PersonalLoan.

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