Art of light sparkles across districts Macau Festival of Lights welcomes New Years with all


MACAO, December 25 – 【DST】 Macao Light Festival 2021 – Travelers from Mars

“Macao Light Festival 2021 – Travelers from Mars” continues to illuminate and animate different local communities in a festive atmosphere, bringing together residents and visitors to celebrate the New Year and welcome the arrival of 2022.

Tokyo and local teams enrich the aroma of Taipa and Coloane with projection mapping

Among the four thematic projection mapping shows of the Macao Light Festival 2021, two take place in Taipa and Coloane. A performance team from Tokyo presents “GLID” at Largo dos Bombeiros in Taipa while a local performance team presents “In Pair” at Saint-François-Xavier Chapel in Coloane, drawing crowds of spectators.

Due to the pandemic situation, the Tokyo team were unable to travel to Macau in person but have transmitted their production via the internet to a local coordinator who provides equipment and technicians to help with the projection mapping.

Map projections, along with light installations and interactive games, enrich the unique aroma of the communities of Taipa and Coloane. There is “House of Popular Slangs” at the Carmo Fair, “Cosmic Kaleidoscope” at the Arch of the Historic Center of Vila da Taipa, “Weekend Love” at the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier and Largo Eduardo Marques as well as “Sand painting in the light” at Largo do Bazaar, among others. The beautiful encounter between the art of light and the unique aroma of the communities attracts many residents and visitors for photo ops.

Light show welcomes the new year with all

Illuminating 17 venues in seven local districts, the “Macao Light Festival 2021 – Travelers from Mars” is held from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. from December 4, 2021 to January 2, 2022 (the last projection mapping show starts at 9:50 p.m. per night), to create sparkling memories for residents and holiday visitors alike as everyone happily welcomes the New Year.

Please visit MGTO’s website for Macao Light Festival 2021 ( and the official Wechat ID for the event program and relevant arrangements.

Pandemic prevention measures

A series of pandemic prevention measures are adopted for the Macau Festival of Lights 2021. Entrances and exits are being put in place for the areas designated for the festival with the implementation of crowd management measures. Depending on the actual situation on site, the public may line up for admission and are required to present their valid Macau health code in green color, undergo temperature checks and maintain a social distancing of at least one. meter, in addition to wearing masks throughout the site. Venue codes are also displayed on-site for spectators to scan through the Macau Health Code mobile app to record the route. MGTO is closely monitoring the pandemic situation and will strictly adhere to relevant guidelines from the Health Bureau to make prompt arrangements in accord.


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