Central Taiwan’s Ruilong Waterfall to Reopen Jan. 26 with Elevated Trail | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After more than a year of renovation, Ruilong Waterfall Park in Nantou County will reopen on Jan. 26, with a newly constructed elevated walkway leading directly to the waterfall.

The new trail is 515 meters long and is designed to be flat with gentle inclines, making it a family attraction, Free time reported. Walking to the waterfall, visitors will cross a 200-meter-long suspension bridge, which was renovated while the park was closed, along with fences and restrooms.

Additionally, the newly constructed waterfall viewing platform that crosses the river provides a comprehensive view of the landscape, which was not easily accessible in the past.

Liberty Times quoted the Nantou County Government as saying that due to the park’s limited parking capacity and to ensure service quality, 600 visitors will be admitted in the morning and 500 in the afternoon during the initial phase. of reopening. Ticket prices are NT$100 (USD 3.62) for adults, NT$70 for children and groups over 30, and NT$30 for people over 65.

Ruilong Waterfall is located in Zhushan Township and 15 kilometers from the city, downstream from Tianti Scenic Area.


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