China may trigger conflict in Taiwan Strait to divert attention from domestic issues


Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said China could trigger a conflict in the Taiwan Strait to distract from its domestic crises. He said if China’s economy stagnates, oppressed ethnic minorities grow increasingly disgruntled, or an internal crisis erupts, China could stoke the conflict in the Straits as a distraction in an interview with ITV News, he said. reported Taiwan News.

Joseph Wu also reiterated that Taiwan will strengthen its self-defense capabilities whether China attacks or not, and fully defend its territorial sovereignty and democratic way of life. The foreign minister stressed that as China currently hosts the Winter Olympics, it may not launch an attack at this time so as not to undermine its efforts to “claim its national glory”, Taiwan reported News.

However, it is apparent from its nearly 1,000 sorties into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone in 2021 that China’s intent to invade Taiwan has never waned. Wu said Taiwan has been extremely concerned about the situation in Hong Kong since Beijing passed the National Security Law in 2020. He noted that the disappearance of democracy, freedom and human rights in Hong Kong proves that “one country, two systems” is a lie, Taiwan News reported.

Taiwan is a sovereign country and China’s autocratic regime has never ruled it for a single day, he said, adding that the country is at the forefront of democracy’s struggle against authoritarianism. Wu said Taiwan is happy to see its democratic partners attach great importance to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and welcomes the freedom of navigation in the Strait and the East China Seas and south, Taiwan News reported. (ANI)

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