China’s leading tea brand Nayuki shut down its fancy factory in two years


On May 20, Chinese bubble tea chain Nayuki (奈雪的茶) announced that its only Shenzhen-based Fantasy Factory (奈雪梦工厂) had recently shut down after two years of operation.

In November 2011, Nayuki, a famous tea bakery chain, opened its first megastore in Shenzhen. The Nayuki Fantasy Factory is expanding its repertoire to include an international selection of baked goods, cakes, and other items in the store. It was the company’s largest concept store when it was founded.

In 2021, the total number of tea shops in Nayuki reached 817, a year-on-year increase of 66.40%. With 15 categories, Nayuki Fantasy Factory generated nearly CNY 1 million in sales after just three consecutive opening days. Regarding the announcement of the closure of this concept store, the company further revealed that Nayuki will be moving towards lifestyle activities to shift tea drink services to an integration model.

In April 2022, Nayuki experienced an increase in sales of ready-to-drink production line, with the planned investment scale ranging from CNY 500 million to CNY 1 billion. In this regard, company officials said that the company is vigorously developing the bottled beverage service business sector. In 2021, the company also established a custom technology company and launched seven bottled tea products by far.

As reported in January and February this year, Nayuki applied for 21 brands in different classifications, involving advertising and sales, catering and accommodation, clothing, footwear, wine and food. From these preliminary processes, the company is expected to engage in more lifestyle services in the future.


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