commissioner of the Chinese foreign ministry in Macao


The United States should listen to the voice of the international community and stop political manipulation under the pretext of democracy, said Liu Xianfa, commissioner of China’s Foreign Ministry in the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR).

It is the common opinion of the international community that the United States, in the guise of democracy, is trying to monopolize the power of speech about democracy, pursue its own geopolitical interests, incite confrontation and creating divisions by organizing the so-called “Democracy Summit” online, Liu wrote in a recent article published by local media in Macau.

The poor record of its democracy makes the United States ineligible to host such a summit, Liu wrote, citing political polarization, fierce inter-party conflicts, social division, deepening racial conflicts and human rights conditions. man, the collapse of democracy, as well as the infamous “one percent, one percent, one percent” in the United States.

Further, the summit itself is “undemocratic” and “pseudo-democratic” because the United States allows itself to define 110 countries and regions out of the more than 200 in total in the world as democracies, and denies the democratic and practical forms of theories in other countries, Liu said.

Inviting the Taiwanese authorities to attend the summit further reveals the United States’ intention to use democracy to interfere in internal affairs and infringe on the sovereignty of other countries to serve its own political agenda. Liu added.

The United States, as a great country with responsibilities to the international community, has made no effort to bridge the differences and promote mutual understanding, mutual respect and integration among the countries of the world.

Instead, he did his best to create cliques and blocs in the name of democracy and divide the world, rekindled the Cold War mentality and engaged in hegemonism, he said.

The whole process of China’s People’s Democracy is a comprehensive institutional chain, including electoral, consultative, social, primary level, citizen democracy and all other elements of democratic politics, which covers democratic elections, consultation, decision-making, management, supervision and all other areas of the democratic process, Liu noted.

According to polls conducted by authoritative international organizations, more than 90 percent of Chinese are satisfied with their government in consecutive years, while only less than 50 percent of Americans feel the same about their government, a Liu said.

In addition, Liu said that China defending democracy in international relations is recognized by the international community. Original reflections such as the concept of building a community with a shared future for humanity and the principle of shared growth through discussion and collaboration play an important role in reaching consensus and laying a solid foundation for moving forward. democracy in international relations, which is in stark contrast to the mindset of intimidation and hegemony in the United States.

Democracy is not a patent held by a certain country, but a common value of humanity. As to which country the democracy is better or worse, only its citizens have a natural feeling and have a say, Liu noted.


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