Foodpanda Hong Kong to hold another deadlocked courier interview


Foodpanda Hong Kong and its couriers held a conference on Tuesday night after hundreds of couriers went on strike over the weekend to protest the wage cuts. According to several reports, the two sides have not reached an agreement and another meeting is expected to take place on Thursday. A Ming Pao The report says eight courier representatives met with management on Tuesday, raising 15 demands, including putting in place minimum order fees, improving the order allocation system and setting a deadline for picking up deliveries. . The two sides held talks until after midnight Wednesday, but no agreement was reached. However, courier representatives said the company’s management showed goodwill, however, they did not agree to implement a minimum order fee.

Foodpanda Hong Kong operations director Pedro Dias said the meeting had made significant progress and some of the solutions had yet to be found. He added that the company would not “penalize” couriers who participated in the strike. A representative of the couriers quoted the management of foodpanda Hong Kong that many demands could be met and the company will speak to headquarters and “proactively fight for their demands.”

Previously, foodpanda Hong Kong said service fee adjustments cannot be calculated just based on the base charge of each order. While the demand for orders steadily increases during peak hours, the company has reinvested the adjusted money to provide higher service charges during peak hours, which is equivalent to double what was offered at the same. time last year, allowing more couriers to earn more during peak hours, while still meeting customer demand. . The company added that if couriers accepted orders during peak hours, their income would increase.

More than 300 foodpanda couriers went on strike on Saturday as foodpanda Hong Kong slashed the delivery charge for each order by HK $ 10 throughout the year. For example, couriers who deliver food on foot saw their payments drop from HK $ 35 to HK $ 24 per order, while couriers using their motorcycles saw their payment drop from HK $ 55 to HK $ 44. A courier representative said he could earn up to HK $ 1,000 a day in August. However, after the adjustment, his income decreased to around HK $ 700 per day.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING contacted foodpanda Hong Kong for details on last night’s meeting.

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