Galaxy Entertainment Group – GEG Holds Blessing Ceremony for 2022 Macau International Dragon Boat Races


Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) actively supports the sports development policies of the Macao SAR Government as well as various local sports events through a multi-faceted approach, and encourages its team members to participate in sports events to maintain their well-being. . To support the Macau International Dragon Boat Races for the 17th consecutive year, GEG will send four dragon boat teams consisting of GEG team members from different properties to participate in the race. A blessing ceremony was held yesterday at the Nam Van Lake Watersports Center for the four dragon boat teams.

The blessing ceremony was joined by Mr. Andy Leedeputy director of operations Star World Hotel; Mr. Guillaume Gibbonfirst vice-president of HR Center of Excellence Human Resources and GEG Administration; Mr. Norman ChanSenior Vice President of Human Resources and GEG Administration; M/s. Trancy Kohpresident of the GEG Staff Social Club and other frames. The leaders conveyed their blessings to the dragon boat teams, namely Galaxy Phoenix, Galaxy Elegance, Galaxy Pearl and Galaxy Glamor through traditional rituals of eye-pointing, cutting roast pigs and distributing red packets to members of the team.

Amid the new normal of pandemic prevention and control, GEG is fully cooperating with the Macao SAR Government’s pandemic prevention guidelines and implementing pandemic prevention measures during trainings, including providing dragon boat team members with face masks and temperature checks, to ensure they can enter the races in their best condition. Mr. Tyson Hoi, the trainer and captain of the GEG Dragon Boat Team, said, “We appreciate the tremendous support the company has given to the Dragon Boat Team, as well as the trainings and helpers we have received. provided to us over the years. This year, the GEG Dragon Boat team will continue to strive for the best through teamwork and endurance. Additionally, all participating team members have taken the COVID-19 vaccine to ensure health and safety. ‘

Over the years, GEG has proactively contributed to Macau sports development, including title sponsorship of the Galaxy Entertainment Macau International Marathon for 18 consecutive years, sponsorship of the FIVB Women’s Volleyball Nations Macau League and the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix for 14 years, and presenting the WTT Macau event for two consecutive years. Meanwhile, GEG also proactively supports its team members’ participation in different sports activities and competitions, and establishes various sports teams across the GEG Staff Social Club encourage team members to practice sport and promote work-life balance.

(C) 2022 electronic news edition, source ENP Newswire


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