How Chinese Helicopters Could Be Used in Attack on Taiwan | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) helicopter force has grown from around 136 units in 2011 to more than 500 units this year, which could have real implications for Taiwan’s defense .

A recent report by the China Maritime Studies Institute at the US Naval War College sheds light on how China’s burgeoning helicopter force can be deployed during an invasion of Taiwan. He predicts two potential strategies on the part of the PLA: one being a rapid strike using almost all helicopter units simultaneously, and the other a slower sequential deployment of selected forces to slowly subdue Taiwan.

In the first scenario, a mass artillery bombardment would reign over Taiwan in an attempt to destroy its air defenses in order to clear the way for a huge wave of helicopters (what Chinese planners call an “air assault brigade”) ) to cross the Taiwan Strait and air assault groups on key strategic targets, for Business Intern. Many of these places are in northern Taiwan, such as the Presidential Office Building, Taipei Songshan Airport, Taoyuan International Airport, and other military bases and ports.

The timing of the attacks will likely coincide with an amphibious assault on the country, which could see the bulk of Taiwanese forces cowering on the beaches, while Chinese helicopters fly over and strike these strategic points inland from behind the front lines. Taiwanese.

The first waves will likely use smaller legacy helicopter platforms in an effort to draw fire from Taiwan defenders so that the PLA can then identify and destroy the country’s air defense positions with follow-up waves of powerful new assault helicopters. Chinese state media has boasted that a sortie from China’s Z-10 helicopters, for example, can wipe out at least six enemy tanks. Still, the US Naval War College report thinks the PLA is at least another decade away from being able to carry out air assault brigade attacks on Taiwan.

Indeed, in 2020, Chinese media reported how a 100-helicopter assault brigade could land PLA troops in Taiwan within an hour, but Taiwanese military expert Sung Chao-wen (宋兆文) told the time that even if the PLA Assault Brigade had 1,000 helicopters, they would all be destroyed.

US military strategists also said helicopters approaching Taiwan would face multiple layers of anti-aircraft firepower from sea and land and at long range and close range, describing the threat of being shot down. “terribly high”.

In addition to the country’s robust air defenses, Taiwan features difficult topography for a helicopter landing, for Storm Media Reportsindicating mountainous terrain, high-voltage electricity pylons and a preponderance of wires and cables scattered across the urbanized landscape all present obstacles.


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