Lyle Hewitson’s best chance to earn a big payday in Hong Kong


On December 8, in Hong Kong, SA champion jockey LyleHewitson will compete for the HK$1 million Longines Challenge against the finest jockeys from across the world, including Joao Moreira, Mickael Barzalona, and Ryan Moore.

It’s true that Hewitson was tossed to the bottom of the barrel last year, but he rode in 264 winners in a race that he won by 92 lengths over Warren Kennedy. It is capable of completing the assignment.

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“It’s amazing to be part of such a prominent event, and I am looking forward to every element of it,” Hewitson Shewitson, who had six horses in Sha-Tin on Sunday, told the South China Morning Post.

The 24years old jockey will also be aware that the event, which will take place at HappyValley Racecourse, provides him with the highest chance of profit in his brief career. The winner of the jockey race in the Challenge race, which was won by GavinLerena in 2016, is eligible for a cash prize of HK$50,000. For a day’s labor, this is respectable pay.

Hewitson claimed that he ended himself in Hong Kong because of a sequence of events. “I had everything set in motion to fly to Japan, but unfortunately, things with Covid19 went beyond our control, and we just waited too long.”

“So I gave up and started my journey to Hong Kong, expecting an explanation after such a long wait, and I wanted to react to TerryBailey, the secretary of the JockeyClub licensing committee, so I went to the Embassy personally.”

“They were rather frank in indicating that they did not believe the borders would be opened until the closing date of November for a South African; for me, it was a warning to move toward Hong Kong, and everything goes as it should.”

“I didn’t come to HongKong because Japan wasn’t working; Hong Kong was always first and foremost,” the author explains.”However, we needed to create a schedule such that as long as I stayed in Japan by a certain date, I could be in HongKong by December.

The current South African champion realizes that winning a match in the last round on his first visit to the former British colony was akin to a Wimbledon finalist winning a match in the final round. He only won three times out of a total of 251 rides.

On November 4, Hewitson arrived in Hong Kong and was freed from quarantine on November 25. On December 8, he’ll have to be at his absolute best. Other famous jockeys competing in the Challenge include Australians Damian Lane and James McDonald, Hollie Doyle and Japanese Yuga Kawada, and British TomMarquand.

Despite every effort to save the Saturday’s SummerCup meeting at the Turffontein, the course has been declared unsafe for racing due to two storms. Because the route was judged dangerous, the 10-race schedule was postponed to the 30th of November.

When racing was postponed on Saturdays, the event is usually rescheduled for the following Sunday. The inspection team, which included jockeys and other authorities, ruled that this wasn’t viable, according to Phumelela racing director Patrick Davis.

“There’s not much water on the track it had already received 61millimeter in the previous two days that the consensus was that the track would not have been traceable on Sunday,” Davis added.


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