Macau health code adds travel date recording feature


MACAO, April 19 – The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) reports that, in an effort to further improve the operation of the Macau Health Code, a new version of the The application will be launched at 00:00 on April 13, which will include a new function for entering the date of the last day of travel or residence.

Before the update, people with a travel history only had to tick “yes” and choose the places they stayed in the last 14 or 21 days in the travel and residence history column , without having to mention the date of the trip. Although simple to use, this setting can cause the following issues:

  1. It was necessary to think about revising the history of travel or stay; after returning to Macau and completing the declaration in the travel or residence history, the relevant persons forgot to revise the content and resulted in false declarations which affected the correct display of color on the Macau health code ;
  2. This would lead to an inability to master the actual travel or residence history of those concerned, and accurate risk assessment and targeted anti-epidemic requirements would not be possible.

So, with this update, when returning from abroad or when the risk level of a certain region changes, users would need to provide more detailed and accurate information about travel or residence history as well than the date of departure from the last place of travel. If no changes are made to the places visited 14 or 21 days after the date of departure from the last place of travel, the system will automatically remind the user to avoid his daily life due to misdeclarations.

In addition, this new measure will also alert people who have been to certain areas to undergo nucleic acid testing or observe other anti-epidemic measures. According to the declared departure date from the travel location, the system will automatically determine the nucleic acid testing requirements and anti-epidemic measures to which Macao health code holders will be subject and issue the corresponding reminders. If the nucleic acid test is not performed as required, the system will issue an alert indicating that the Macau health code will be locked “yellow” or “red”.

The Center urges the public to download or update the Macao Health Code mobile app as soon as possible. The updated version is 1.0.7.


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