Namewee wins Best Music Video in Taiwan



MALAYSIAN rapper Namewee, 38, won the award for best music video at the third Walk Bell John Awards in Taiwan, the Guang Ming Daily reported.

Namewee, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, was invited by the Kaohsiung City Government last year to create the Kaohsiung tourism theme song Going for a Walk.

In addition to the song to introduce Kaohsiung tourist attractions, he invited former Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu to feature in the clip.

In his acceptance speech, Namewee said it was the first prize he won in Taiwan.

“A lot of people might find it strange that a foreigner won the award, but in fact my YouTube account was registered when I was in college in Taiwan.

“It was 2006, the second year since YouTube launched, so I’m considered the pioneer of Taiwan’s YouTube platform.

“There was no subscription, no advertising and no one was using YouTube at the time. Creativity and perseverance were very important, ”he added.

> Actor Raymond Lam, 41, said he has gained weight and is now in his prime since starting acting, Oriental Daily reported.

Lam, who was once known as one of Hong Kong‘s most eligible singles, claimed he was now at his fattest.

He starred in a popular Chinese drama series Star of Ocean.

“It’s the biggest I’ve been as an actor.

“I played the role of a foreign businessman in the drama and the businessman I know in real life was not slim either,” he joked.

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