NBA player Enes Kanter urges international community not to allow Taiwan to be next Ukraine, plans visit | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom said during an interview with Voice of America (VOA) on Tuesday (March 29) that he plans to visit Taiwan this summer and hold a basketball camp -ball on a large scale, which President Tsai Ing -wen (蔡英文) will be invited to attend.

The basketball player, who has devoted much of his attention to human rights issues, urged the international community to do its best to prevent Taiwan from becoming the next Ukraine. He said that Taiwan belongs to the Taiwanese people and no force can take the country away from them, Radio Taiwan International (RTI) reported.

The former Boston Celtics player has repeatedly voiced his support for Taiwan over the past year.

During the VOA Capital Hill interview, Kanter said he plans to visit Taiwan this summer and stay for at least a week, according to RTI.

He said he would host a full-scale basketball camp when he visited. Speaking of President Tsai, he said she was his idol and heroine and he was looking forward to sitting with her and seeing what he could do for the people there.

Kanter also mentioned that basketball is an extremely popular sport in Taiwan and that all his friends told him how beautiful the country is, how passionate and hospitable the people are, and how delicious the food is. He added that he had studied Taiwan’s history for the past four or five months.

Asked about the exact timing of his planned visit, he said the exact time had not been finalized as it was still being negotiated.

The 29-year-old NBA player said he doesn’t regret his decision to voice his support for human rights. More athletes should come forward to make their voices heard, he added, according to the report.

However, he lamented that too many colleagues and athletes from other sports are too afraid of losing their shoe endorsement deals to voice their opinions, according to RTI.


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