Punishments For Those Involved In Xi’an Miscarriage – This Is Shenzhen


Xi’an officials issued a public apology to the woman who miscarried after being refused entry to Gaoxin Hospital in Xi’an.

The Xi’an Discipline Inspection Commission issued warnings to the director of the Xi’an Emergency Center, Li Qiang, and the director of the Health Commission, Liu Shunzhi, for their poor performance. The hospital’s general manager, Fan Yuhui, was suspended, while the medical personnel responsible during the incident were removed from their posts.

The woman, who was 8 months pregnant, suffered from abdominal pain on January 1 and contacted police who sent her to Gaoxin hospital. However, because she did not have a valid nucleic acid test result, she had to wait outside the hospital for almost two hours. During this time, she suffered from heavy bleeding and subsequently miscarried her baby. The negligence of the hospital drew a lot of criticism on social media.

A press conference on Wednesday said hospitals cannot refuse medical treatment to patients for the sake of pandemic prevention and control. The service hotline and green channels should remain open to patients requiring urgent health care, including pregnant women, those undergoing mentoring radiation, chemotherapy or hemodialysis, and those with acute and critical illness.
In the wake of the incident, a man died of angina on January 2 after being refused entry to several Xi’an hospitals, including Gaoxin.

Xi’an has been in containment since December 23, 2021, with 1,856 local cases to date.

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