Singapore relaxes COVID-19 measures for non-VTL travelers


SINGAPORE: Singapore is relaxing COVID-19 measures for travelers outside the vaccinated travel pathway (VTL) device, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on Friday (December 31).

As of 11:59 p.m. on January 7, 2022, non-VTL travelers from Category 2 to 4 countries will no longer need to take COVID-19 testing on arrival.

Travelers from Category 2 and Category 3 countries are required to provide home stay notice for seven and 10 days respectively. Those from category 4 countries must serve 10 days in a dedicated establishment.

The earlier requirement for on-arrival testing “was to pick up Omicron cases early, because the variant was new and we wanted to know more,” the Department of Health said in a press release.

“While we have gathered more information about the Omicron variant, we have further assessed that OATs (arrival testing) for non-VTL travelers… are no longer required,” he added.

They will have to test negative on a PCR test at the end of their notice period, “further reducing the risk of further transmission,” the ministry said.

Travelers from Hong Kong, Macau, China and Taiwan – Category 1 locations – who are not required to serve notice of stay at home will still need to take a PCR test upon arrival.


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