“Stay, Dine and see Macao” project launches drone-themed itinerary and other new tours to have fun at a water park and meet miniature horses


MACAU, April 20 – Along with the Light up Macau Drone 2022 gala to be held in early May, the “Stay, Dine and See Macau” project will unveil the drone-themed tour for the occasion. Professional photographers will be assigned to share their night photography skills with tour members. The tour is designed to encourage interactive resident engagement with local events. Another 11 new routes will be launched simultaneously to provide a wider colorful choice for residents to experience a close encounter with miniature horses and fun in a water park, among other highlights. Registrations are welcome for the above tours from 3pm today (April 20).

More fun during the Labor Day holiday

The Light up Macau Drone Gala 2022 will feature a series of eight spectacular drone shows on May 1, 2, 7 and 8. 880 drones will dazzle the Macau night sky. Incorporating the experience of this nighttime event, an itinerary is tailor-made under the “Stay, Dine and See Macau” project for residents to visit the historic center of Macau and enjoy the Drone Gala at the special price of MOP 68. A professional photographer will accompany and guide tour participants in each group to capture the enchanting beauty of the World Heritage architecture and drone show formations from the best angle. The tour is expected to enhance residents’ entertainment and leisure experience when visiting locals during festive holidays.

Best photo angles under the guidance of a professional

Tour participants will meet at the Outer Harbor ferry terminal at 4 p.m. on drone show days. Led by a guide and a professional photographer with the group, tour participants can capture the unique architectural style of World Heritage sites such as A-Ma Temple, Moorish Barracks, Lilau Square, St. Laurent, Dom Pedro V Theater and St. Augustine Church through Lenses. They can then choose where to dine separately around Anim’Arte NAM VAN thanks to their 100 pataca catering cards. After dark, the professional photographer will show the participants how to skillfully shoot the drone shows at low shutter speed and ISO value. They can enjoy and capture the mesmerizing visual art of drone shows in the night sky.

Launch of 11 new routes

New items continue to appear in local “Stay, Dine and See Macau” tours. Residents receive grants to tap into a kaleidoscope of travel experiences in Macau. Along with the drone-themed route, 11 different routes are being launched this month.

Six nocturnal and gastronomic itineraries

As a creative city of gastronomy, Macau offers a vibrant food scene with a thriving food culture. Food-themed local tours are especially popular among locals. Six night and gastronomic itineraries are designed this time, offering a culinary experience of different buffets. Some of the tours are available at prices that vary on weekdays and weekends. Night itineraries include the historic center of Macau, check-in at Arraial na Ervanários, Anim’Arte NAM VAN, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf as well as Rua do Cunha, the arch of the historic center of Vila da Taipa, the routes by light rapid transit and check-in at Calçada do Quartel in Taipa, among other highlights.

Miniature horse, water park and more new experiences

A guided tour on the theme of Chinese medicine will take participants to visit the garden of the ecological trail of medicinal and aromatic plants, where they will be informed about medicinal plants. Attendees will also visit Macau’s first smart and communal Chinese pharmacy. For the ecology and science popularization educational tour in Cotai Ecological Zone, professional photographers will accompany and show participants how to capture the movement of birds with relevant photography skills. There are three other itineraries aimed at children and the family, as follows: meet miniature horses up close at the Macau Jockey Club and visit the Fire Service Museum; have fun in the water at Galaxy Macau’s Grand Resort Deck and visit the Macau Lin Zexu Memorial Museum; visit the Macau Art Museum, enjoy DIY and the fun experience of performing songs to record in a studio like a singer.

Visits from April to June on registration

The above tours will be available from April to June. For details on registering for local tours and hotel stays, please visit the website: https://www.macaotourism.gov.mo/en/article/subsidies/macao-tour-hotel.


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