Tabletop wargames will launch on Monday: Taiwanese military


Taipei, May 15 (CNA) Taiwan’s annual major military exercises this year begin Monday with a five-day tabletop wargame phase to simulate the army’s defense tactics against possible Chinese invasion scenarios, according to the Department of National Defense (DND).

Unlike previous editions, this year’s wargames will not take place in a computerized format but will instead use an actual map of the wargames on a table, according to the MND.

A military source told CNA that the computerized format of wargames was scrapped this year because a real map simulation of wargames allows generals to meet face-to-face to discuss strategy and brainstorm.

In this way, high-level military officials can better understand and reach consensus on the defense strategy of the armed forces, which is beneficial for the planning of overall military operations, the source said.

Also, unlike computer war games which involve a large number of personnel from the various branches of the military nationwide, tabletop war games involve only a small number of senior military personnel and their employees, the source said, noting that this is a better option given the ongoing domestic situation. COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

The war games phase, which takes place from Monday to Friday, is the first of the annual two-part Han Kuang exercises that are regularly held in two stages: war games and live fire exercises.

Meanwhile, live-fire exercises will take place from July 25 to 29 at military training grounds across the country.

The annual Han Kuang drills, first held in 1984, are the country’s largest military exercises involving all branches of the armed forces and designed to test the country’s combat readiness in the event of a Chinese invasion.

The 38th edition of Han Kuang’s drills will also incorporate lessons learned from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to sharpen combat readiness against a Chinese invasion, DND previously said.

The drills will focus on testing the armed forces’ asymmetric warfare capability, its ability to combat cognitive warfare and mobilize reserve forces, as well as its general readiness for defense by incorporating civilians, according to Major General Lin Wen-huang (林文皇), who is in charge of combat affairs and planning at the Ministry of Defense.

(By Matt Yu and Joseph Yeh) End Times/AW


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