Taipei Kindergarten Closed Due to Possible Delta Cluster Infection | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A preschool in Taipei suspended classes for two days after a parent tested positive for COVID after taking their child to school.

Case 17,181, a Taiwanese man in his 30s, recently stayed at an epidemic prevention hotel in Taipei where a Delta-variant cluster infection is suspected to have occurred. Before being diagnosed with COVID, the man took his child to a preschool in the city, prompting authorities to suspend classes for two days and test 165 students and 22 teachers.

At a press conference on Sunday January 2, Taipei’s deputy mayor Huang Shan-shan (黃珊珊) said case 17,181 was linked to a suspected hotel cluster infection and that he had taken his child in school before being diagnosed. Huang said disinfection has already been carried out and the school will suspend classes on Jan. 3-4 as authorities await the results of COVID tests on students and teachers.

Taipei Education Ministry Chief Secretary Chen Su-hui (陳素慧) said Case 17,181 only dropped off and picked up her child in front of the school’s main entrance and was not not entered the school. A total of 165 students and 22 faculty members of the institution are to be tested, all of whom are fully vaccinated.

So far, six direct contacts of the case have been recorded, including his father, mother, wife and three children. After being disinfected twice, the neighboring elementary school is expected to hold classes as usual this week, but teachers, students and parents are encouraged to undergo testing if there are concerns about contamination by the virus.

Huang said that aside from the school, Case 17,181 only visited a convenience store and a breakfast store, both of which were disinfected. According to Huang, after the case returned from China, where he worked, he mainly stayed at home during the self-health monitoring phase.

CECC chief Chen Shih-chung (陳 時 中), at a press briefing that afternoon, said the center “strongly suspects” that a cluster infection had occurred in the hotel. where case 17 was 181. According to Chen, preliminary genetic sequencing shows that the cases linked to the hotel were infected with the Delta variant.


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