Taiwan prepares for the coldest day of the year | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan was bracing for the coldest day of the year until 19 cities and counties issued low temperature alerts, reported Saturday, February 19.

The mercury was expected to drop below 9 degrees Celsius in all areas north of Tainan between Saturday evening and Sunday morning February 20, CNA reported. Only most of Pingtung County and small parts of Kaohsiung City and Taitung County would see temperatures stay around 14 degrees higher.

The Central Meteorological Bureau predicted that even during the day on Sunday, maximum temperatures would only reach 12 to 13 degrees north of Tainan and 15 to 18 degrees in Hualien and Taitung counties along the east coast. The island off Matsu, near the coast of China’s Fujian province, could face lows of 6 degrees or less on Saturday night, forecasters said.

The coldest period of this winter so far would last until at least Monday morning February 21, although the cold and wet weather is expected to continue for several more days. From Tuesday (February 22), temperatures would start to rise by one degree Celsius per day, the report said, while at the same time the chance of rain would decrease.

The weekend could also see snowfall at high altitudes, above 2000m in the north and above 3000m in the south, forecasters said.


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