Top 10 Global News: India to Discuss Crypto, US Warship in Taiwan Strait, more, World News


In an important development, the Indian government led by Narendra Modi has listed a cryptocurrency bill for the upcoming winter session of Parliament. The bill would seek to ban all private cryptocurrencies, with a few exceptions in India. In addition, an American warship crossed a sensitive waterway in the Taiwan Strait. Read this and more in Top 10 World News.

Cryptocurrency Bill Listed for Next Winter Session of Indian Parliament

The winter session of Parliament is scheduled to take place on November 29.

Chinese military conducts live fire drills with high altitude weapons near Indian border

A report claimed that China had moved its H-6K bomber along the Indian border. The bomber was reportedly stationed in Kashgar near Xinjiang, which belongs to the PLA’s Western Theater Command.


US Navy warship crosses Taiwan Strait

An American warship once again crossed the already sensitive Taiwan Strait. The development is very likely to attract a sharp reaction from China, which believes Washington is trying to stoke tensions in the region. The Arleigh Burke Milius-class guided-missile destroyer carried out a “routine transit through the Taiwan Strait” in international waters, the US Navy said.

United States

Tory MPs question ‘competence’ of UK Prime Minister Johnson after ‘rambling’ speech

During this speech it was said that Johnson was imitating the sound of an accelerating car with sounds like “arum arum aaaaaaaaag”. He also compared himself to Moïse for his plan to help businesses invest in the fight against climate change.


“Ridiculous and absurd”: Vir Chakra for IAF’s Abhinandan Varthaman annoys Pakistan

Abhinandan Varthaman’s MiG-21 Bison was involved in aerial combat with a Pakistani F-16, a day after Indian jets blew up the JeM terror camps in Balakot on February 26, 2019.


Four black men wrongly convicted in 70-year-old rape case exonerated

The “crime” they committed occurred in 1949, when these men were charged with sexually assaulting a white woman.


Chinese cyber regulators now monitor celebrity news

Reports say fan groups will also be regulated as they are said to be managed by celebrity agents. This decision would aim to fight against “fandom”.


French Prime Minister Jean Castex tested positive for COVID-19

On Monday, Prime Minister Jean Castex tested positive for COVID-19. It comes as the leader returned from a visit to neighboring Belgium. For the next 10 days, the French Prime Minister will conduct activities in isolation. One of the Castex girls also tested positive


Israel reports Iranian drone bases, offers to cooperate with Arab allies

Israel has sharpened its rhetoric against Iran just as the resumption of talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal is fast approaching.


Donald Trump honored with a black belt in taekwondo although he does not practice the sport

He was awarded the honorary certificate of ninth dan, the highest level in martial arts by Kukkiwon, the headquarters of the World Taekwondo Academy, at Trump’s home in Florida.



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