Transparency to Play Key Role in Taiwan’s Digital Services Law | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A bill on digital telecommunications and broadcasting services (數 通 法) requires online platforms to be more transparent about their actions against user posts, the National Communications Commission said ( NCC) Wednesday, December 29.

The new legal proposal covered important sites like Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, YouTube and Dcard, but it was not yet clear whether it would also include the popular PTT bulletin board system, CNA reported. Service providers should give a clear explanation if they remove user posted content and suspend users from the platform.

The NCC said on Wednesday it had been considering the proposals for more than eight months before presenting the document. He will publish the entire text before the start of the Lunar New Year holidays at the end of January and will hold three public hearings to gather opinions and suggestions before filing an adjusted version with the Executive Yuan in June or July 2022.

Following studies of foreign examples such as the European Union’s digital services law, the proposal will include clauses on the duties of platform operators and the protection of fundamental rights as well as details on fines, the NCC said.

On Tuesday (December 28), the Legislative Yuan approved a proposal adding a Ministry of Digital Development to the Cabinet.


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