Visitors must pay their own Covid PCR test package fee when visiting: Macau authorities


Visitors will have to pay both quarantine fees at medical observation hotels and PCR test package fees when visiting Macau, authorities said on Sunday.

From May 8, visitors from overseas, Hong Kong and Taiwan will have to pay 2,000 pataca (HK$1,942) for eight Covid-19 PCR tests during their hotel quarantine in Macau, while those from the mainland will have to pay 1,250 pataca for five tests. .

Travelers are now required to present booking confirmations for the medical observation hotel and the PCR test package they paid for before traveling to Macau.

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center said additional human resources have been invested in the current door-to-door sample collection service when visitors self-isolate in hotels, but they will now ” better allocate taxpayers’ money”.

“Since the door-to-door PCR testing service during isolation was only for people who were travelling, travelers themselves must now pay for the service they receive,” the center said.

All visitors from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan must undergo 14 days of medical observation and at least seven days of strict self-care.

And starting Monday, travelers entering Macau from Guangdong province will be required to show negative Covid-19 test results within 72 hours.

Non-residents of Macau who fail to present such proof would be denied entry, while residents of Macau will be required to undergo testing immediately.

For those traveling from Macau to Guangdong, the validity period of proof of negative nucleic acid test is seven days. Other cross-border epidemic prevention requirements remain unchanged.


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