W Xiamen just launched and is as awesome as you’d expect – it’s Shenzhen


The long-awaited premiere of Xiamen took place earlier this month, bringing the property’s design narrative, Illuminate the Sound Wave, to life in a truly spectacular way.

A sparkling two-day evening combining cosmopolitan dining, eclectic music and visionary performances. Trendsetters, media, music and fashion figures gathered for sensory delight at the bold new property in the trendy business district of downtown Xiamen.

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To mark the arrival of the first W hotel in China’s Fujian Province, the festivities began with a groundbreaking ceremony attended by officials from Siming District, representatives from Xiamen Powerlong Industrial and senior executives from Marriott International.

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At the grand Chinese-style dinner that followed, all stops were pulled to showcase the property’s bold culinary vision. Served in the majestic setting of the Great Hall, the dinner was the perfect introduction to W Xiamen’s versatile culinary repertoire.




Shifting into party mode, W Xiamen then opened the doors to the HEAT destination bar. The city’s fashion crowd could enjoy a unique overwater parade by visionary local fashion brand Chusan.



A showcase of a different kind took place in the MINYEN garden where the brand DETOX.RETOX.REPEAT. philosophy was in the spotlight with a lively morning boxing session. Later, at the W Does Brunch hosted at NINE, mixology and gourmet cuisine came together to create the perfect finale.

W Xiamen is located in the trendy business district of downtown Xiamen, where the sunset reveals a creative and avant-garde street culture and upscale food scene. This makes it the perfect location for a designer hotel that offers guests premium access to all of the design, fashion, fuel and music that the destination has to offer.

“Xiamen is a vibrant and busy city with a youthful energy and vibrancy that is a perfect fit for the W Hotels brand,” said Tom Jarrold, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide. “Our playful and intriguing nature comes to life through immersive art and design, events such as live musical performances and our service Whenever we know it, which we know will be embraced by the creatives locals and international travelers. ”

Watch + Listen

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The hotel’s design by Hirsch Bedner Associates pays homage to Xiamen’s tropical surroundings, the natural beauty of its harbor, and its transformation from an industrial port city into a hotbed of modern music.

Here, the mix of people over millennia has inspired an idiosyncratic culture that embraces wildly diverse musical forms and youthful, rebellious attitudes that W Xiamen captures through stunning digital installations and specially commissioned works of art.

TO W the store, the iconic look of Gaojia’s opera singers is reimagined as contemporary art, with hypnotic faces rendered in oil paint on curved metal walls.

Before entering the Salon (W’s signature in the lobby), guests find themselves in an electric forest made of neon glass pillars, their muffled stillness contrasting with sudden bursts of flute notes played whenever guests approach the centerpiece from the lobby – an interactive piece of art inspired by musical instruments on display in a local organ museum.

Highlights of the 293 guest rooms and suites at W Xiamen include walls featuring digitally rendered artwork to bring the city’s tropical nature inside using RGB (red-green-blue) artwork. that work like a color puzzle, with pieces that snap into place once ambient light changes from one color to another. There are also consoles and coffee tables inspired by Bo Bing, a popular local dice game.

The Extreme WOW Suite is a 262 square meter contemporary art filled venue that sets the stage for private parties. A vast entertainment space is anchored by a plush L-shaped sofa, and the party’s party trick activates with the flip of a switch, amplifying the drama with underwater ripples across the room. .

Touch + Taste

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W Xiamen’s four distinctive dining concepts are intended to captivate travelers and locals with innovative dishes and eclectic drink offerings. TO HEAT, WET’s destination bar (the pool), music curator Marc Lussier spins as guests sip champagne in a hot tub.

On the menu, bites and cocktails inspired by modern street food that pay homage to the island’s ancient Amoy heritage. Tucked away in the living room on the east lobby level SOUND LANDSCAPE, a socially responsible community center to rejuvenate with organic beers and healthy drinks to the music soundtrack curated by W.

Thrill seekers can dive into a fusion of Cantonese and Minnan flavors at MIN YEN, which hosts private Cognac tastings associated with mystery menus.

To eat all day, all roads lead to NINE, an upscale dining room by day with nine interactive stations that tempt with fresh baked goods and handmade noodles. In the evenings, the NINE serves premium steaks and seafood. In the afternoon, a sophisticated HI TEA @ NINE showcases Fujian tea culture with a selection of rare infusions, as well as custom craft beers.


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The 1,000 square meters of the hotel Big room, with avant-garde art and cutting-edge technology, features a 110 square meter LED screen, the largest in the city, to create events like no other. Color-changing Starburst ceiling bulbs add extra sparkle to every celebration.

W Xiamen also offers highly customizable studios for small events with decor consisting of floral resin tables and abstract oil paintings, a reminder that art and commerce often go hand in hand.



TO ADJUST, W Xiamen’s 24/7 fitness center, a spectacular speaker wall keeps both casual gym goers and fitness freaks in the groove.

WET® – a rainbow-colored aqualand – features a mosaic wall reflecting lightly filtered sunlight, sending a prism of lilac and canary yellow dancing across the pool’s surface.

SPA AWAY® sits on the top floor and offers a quiet antidote to the hustle and bustle of Xiamen with calming spaces inspired by a egret colony. In addition to couple massages, pedicures, the hotel’s signature spa treatment, Egret Does Massage soothes body and mind with a pampering foot ritual, followed by the gentle application of essential oils using of feathers in a light movement resembling the flight of an egret.

“With W’s arrival in Xiamen, luxury-minded jet-setters passionate about music and design will find everything that makes Xiamen such a fascinating destination,” said Henry Lee, President, Greater China, Marriott International. “To allow local and international taste makers to experience this forward-looking city through the W lens, we’ve distilled the most exciting sounds, flavors and ideas and interpreted them through iconic design, visionary cuisine and carefully selected music. “

For more information or to book, visit wxiamen.com

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