We should support Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization


Atlanta, GA 03/05/2022 (Elliot Wang) – The past few years have been tumultuous. Many have suffered heavy losses due to this pandemic, but South Carolina and Taiwan have managed to come through the worst by sticking together. As the WHO continued to ban Taiwan from participating, Taiwan independently reached out to its international friends, especially the United States. In the southeast, Taiwan has been active in the community, working to provide relief and donating hundreds of thousands of masks to where they are needed most.

US leaders have also recognized Taiwan’s achievements during this pandemic. Without WHO support, Taiwan fought the spread of the virus within its borders early on and managed to minimize death and infection rates from COVID-19. Additionally, Taiwan was able to avoid the mass shutdowns that other countries experienced. Now, as Taiwan is in the process of reopening its borders, many Chinese are currently living in a grim reality of isolation from its extreme approach to COVID.

Taiwan’s successful measures during this pandemic clearly show that Taiwan deserves a place in the WHO. Over the past two years, Taiwan has repeatedly tried to get involved with the WHO as an observer and even informed the WHO as early as January 2020 about the spread of the virus, but the WHO continued to ignore Taiwan because of China’s bullying. This exclusion harms not only the 23.5 million people living in Taiwan, but all the people of this world, who cannot enjoy the benefits of what Taiwan has to offer.

Now is the time to support Taiwan, so we can save more lives together and prevent the tragedies of the past from happening again.

Elliot Wang, General Manager

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Atlanta


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